Indian’s Portable Tinyhouse/Shamanic Shack/Sauna Project

Thanks for tuning into this Nibiru-inspired tiny house project, whereby through my own hands and heart, I will create a tiny house that can be wheeled to an appropriate spot during the Nibiru passby and the photon belt entry… WHICH IS COMING UP RATHER QUICKLY FOLKS!

Nibiru And Photon Belt Causing The Sudden And Extreme Weather And Earthquakes, Directly Ahead… There Will Be Sudden Mass Migrations And Millions Of Refugees from Great Earth Upheavals… Indian’s Portable Tiny House/Shamanic Shack/Sauna Project Is Practical Solution For Ever-Changing Situations, And If You Do Not Own Land

Beings Of Light: What The Photon Belt Is And What Its Function Is. Earth, Solar System, Galaxy Travelling Through Great Ocean Of Light That Penetrates Everything… It Is A Gift From Father Of All Creation, And Will Bring About Destruction, Transformation And

World Volcanoes Under “Extreme Pressure”,Earth Tilt at 47%, Gulf Stream Stopped Creating Superstorms, Extreme Weather Changes, Nibiru Seen in South Sky, Gamma Radiation Heating Earth, San Andreas Fault Weak, Magnetosphere Almost Non-Existent, Global Abundance Ahead, 155 Days Power Matrix Goes

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As Larger And More Numerous Fireballs Scream Across The Sky And Strong Winds Blow All Over The World, Here Is What You Need To Know To Make It Through Post-Nibiru And Through Events Leading Up To Poleshift!!

As Larger And More Numerous Fireballs Scream Across The Sky And Strong Winds Blow All Over The World, Here Is What You Need To Know To Make It Through Post-Nibiru And Through Events Leading Up To Poleshift!!

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What Will YOU Drink After The Pole Shift?

What Will YOU Drink After The Pole Shift?


We have warned from the start of ZetaTalk that self sufficiency, rather than relying on government handouts or camps, was absolutely key to survival after the pole shift, as rescue would not be forthcoming and camps would become work or perhaps death camps, ultimately. To those clinging to the comforting thought of the government as a substitute parent, or to those working for the government, this is dismissed as bad advice, but what has occurred in New Orleans? First, everyone is marched into the Super Dome, where bad water and lack of food is compounded by crowding. Bad move, and not the last bad move, as now the crowd is being relocated yet again, where more disappointments from government services are likely to result.

We have emphasized from the start of ZetaTalk the need to distill drinking water to clean not only germs but pollutants such as heavy metals, as the pole shift will create a cesspool of industrial wastes where these are stored in tanks or produced, and exploding volcanoes will put lead into surface water as the volcanic ash drifts and lands far and wide. Most often, our admonitions result in a lot of discussion about water filtration systems, as though these will be handy and replacement parts available. Distilling water is time consuming, a multi-step operation, and thus tiresome to even think about. But what has happened in New Orleans? Suddenly, drinking water is not available, and the knowledge about how to clean the water is being discussed in the media. Of course, those living in the cesspool can’t hear these discussions, and are drinking dirty water. If these citizens had been told how to clean their water, beforehand, with what they had at hand, all manner of problems would have been avoided.

We have described from the start of ZetaTalk that the expectation of a return to normalcy could hinder adjustments after the pole shift, as many would simply sit and wait for rescue. There will be no rescue, and normalcy will not return, as the broken link rule would prevail. Where the pole shift will put the entire world into crisis mode, such that any emergency response team is overextended, this was certainly seen in the microcosm of the New Orleans disaster where the disaster was only regional. Despite decades of planning, FEMA failed once again. Yes, they were handed surprises, such as a failing levee system soaked beyond endurance so the soil surrounding the narrow tops eroded. The city cannot be drained because the pumps are under water – broken link one. Looters and gangs are stopping rescue efforts because police efforts were not supported by the missing New Orleans Reserves, who were of course stationed in Iraq – broken link two.

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