Oh Dear… Zetas Right Again! Time Lapse Photos Of Sun Confirm “Earth Is Wobbling” Theory

Oh Dear… Zetas Right Again! Time Lapse Photos Of Sun Confirm “Earth Is Wobbling” Theory

When I look at this composite time lapse image of the sun in our sky, it reminds me of the what seems to be depicted below… that our planet is now wobbling… the Zetas say it is because of Nibiru….

Our star family have been alerting us that we have more important things to concern ourselves with, than our distractions… gee ya think??????

Archangel Michael: “Turbulent Years Ahead”

North American Continent Now Under Extreme “Bow Stress”?

St. Germain: It Is Going To Be A Very Bumpy Ride. You Will See It In Others

Last Time Noah Built An Ark… This Time You May Build A Pithouse



Irrefutable Timelapse Proof, That Earth Is Wobbling Due To Nibiru?

This is very interesting… this image… things do look a little wobbly don’t they?  I doubt the camera is wobbling, but it is possible… if the camera is wobbling, it still suggests something is disturbing the cosmic wind.  Remember, that we are talking about a large magnetic clash with a very large body that comes into our solar system every 3600. and OTHER proof of it’s existence is in the increase of meteors… this well documented folks.

Interesting link and comments… http://poleshift.ning.com/profiles/blogs/proof-of-the-earth-wobble?id=3863141%3ABlogPost%3A835572&page=3#comments

Is this yet more proof that our planet is wobbling due to Nibiru… a body of objects that we cannot see with our naked eyes…

Earth Is Rattling, Magnetics Are Disturbed: A Gallery Of Nibiru Related Crop Circles With Explanations By Zetas

If the planet is wobbling then how do you feel this is affecting us? Keep preparing. :)

Indian in the machine

Zetas Say Increased Meteors And “Electromagnetic Tides” Are Proof Of Planet X/Nibiru Debris Trail

And Then God Suddenly Moved Earth (Changing The Timelines Of Photon Belt, Nibiru And Endtimes)?

Nibiru/Planet X Update November 2014======Buy Shovel ======Dig Pithouse ======Soon Okay?

Nibiru ====> First Shock And Panic, Then The Sociological Phase

Nibiru/Planet X Update November 2014======Buy Shovel ======Dig Pithouse ======Soon Okay?

I Am Not Afraid Of Ebola… Or Chemtrails… Or Nuclear War… Or Nibiru Magnetic Flux, And Neither Need Anyone

The Effects Of Nibiru’s Approach And Resultant Earth Changes In One Paragraph Via The Zetas

Two New Mini-Ice Ages… New Weather Patterns Emerging… Earth Is Bulging Causing Flooding… Nibiru Magnetic Disturbances

Nibiru Flyby… How Spiritually Prepared Are We For This Or What Else Is To Come?

Zeolite Can Assist With Nibiru Flyby Health Turbulance

Bear Witness To Planet X/Nibiru Effect: Blackouts, Static, Lightning, Electrical Problems, Satellite Failure, Charged Ionosphere

Alien Artifacts Discovered Under Crop Circles Are Annunaki Messages Of Nibiru! Updating The Nibiru Situation

Nibiru, Geomagnetic Storms And Our Health… Is There A Connection?

Earthlings… Now 4 Earth Facing CMEs… Massive Changes In Sun And Weather Now Reasonably Suggest Nibiru

Zetas (And Crop Circles) Say Earth And Nibiru Magnetic Fields, Now “Clashing And Touching” …Is “The Event” Now Here?

September 3rd Holland Crop Circle In Giant Maize Field Is A “Magnetic” Key To Nibiru-Related Crop Circles

Zetatalk Says 2004-2014 Crop Circles Demonstrate Magnetic Pull of Planet X/ Nibiru

Aug 30th “The Event” Crop Circle Supports “Earth Is Entering Possible Magnetic Disturbance And/Or Debris Trail/DNA Recalibration/New Lifeforms” Theories

Aug. 25 Earthquake Watch Continues, Now Strange Magnetic Earth And Sun Anomalies! “Whatever Is Affecting The Sun Is Supercharging It”

9 Points That Suggest San Andreas And Other Faultlines May Be Highly Unstable

Nibiru Approaching? Thousands Of Intense Earthquakes Rock Iceland

Breaking News! Dozens of New Asteroids Heading This Way!

Another Hint (From “The Group”) That Nibiru Is Coming For A Pass By, Later THIS Year

3 thoughts on “Oh Dear… Zetas Right Again! Time Lapse Photos Of Sun Confirm “Earth Is Wobbling” Theory

  1. I was expecting an actual time-lapse video of the sun. I am sure there is some true video out there though I have yet to find it. The reason for my comment is simple, anyone who is slightly observant can see the current wobble of our earth by watching the sun and moon on a daily basis. However for those of us that refuse to see what is obvious, this article misleads as it shows a time-lapse of earth not out sun. I have personally witnessed the wobble happening over the last couple of years (a 30 degree difference of the rising sun back and forth over a 72 hour period. For instance in spring of 2013 I observed the sun daily at exactly 7:30 AM 41.1359*N,100.76*W now I am not a scientist and I don’t have any instruments to calculate. So if my observing point is at 41 degrees north my best estimate is that of 30 degrees difference the sun generally rises due east of my location, on this particular morning it rose at least 30 degrees northeast of the normal sunrise, the next morning again at the same time the sun rose exactly due east, the following morning the sun was rising at least 30 degrees south east of the normal due east location. Now I personally witnessed this with my own two eyes a year ago and it went on this way for several days. At any rate I wanted to add my personal observation. Our earth has shifted and It is my hope that people prepare and understand that this truly is happening.


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