When A Planet Wobbles, Does It Affect Health?

When A Planet Wobbles, Does It Affect Health?

To answer that… yes!

1.  We have our earth magnetosphere going wacko…

Weather Going Crazy + Magnetosphere Wacko! Earth Shields Down + And Human Dimensional Portal Experiments In Upper Atmosphere? 

2. Our magnetosphere may be going wacko due to Nibiru…

3.  If we have a planet-wide event that results in devastation not seen in 50000 years… do you feel there are some health considerations, that you might want to plan for?
4.  In order to pull this off, do you feel you might need to focus like never before, and xnay the mindless distractions?
5.  Is it possible that humanity as a whole is going through a rather significant purging process, because all our earth grids are going through a shift?
If earth is going through an electrical upgrade, then so to, is all life…

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