All Prophecy Eyes Here! ”Alien” Sign In The Canadian Sky, Kolbirn Bible Followers Have Been Waiting For!!!

ll Prophecy Eyes Here!  ”Alien” Sign In The Canadian Sky,  Kolbirn Bible Followers Have Been Waiting For!!!

1.  An alien sign in the sky over Okanagan… untouched photo using reflection effect.

2.  This was a few days after before my Prophecy Talk in Vernon BC.

3.  The fact that Creator knew He could reach me in this manner, is to send a message to the world that the Zeta material from, is very relevant for humanity right now.

4.  The Zetas endorse the Kolbrin bible


Kolbrin is called a parallel Bible.
As with the Book of Enoch (dead sea scrolls), omitted from the Bible.
Kolbrin was protected by the Culdians, saved before the burning of Glastonbury Monastery in Scotland, thense to New Zealand.
Both the Book of Enoch and the Kolbrin includes more specifics on past and future pole shifts.
Were these books omitted from the Bible because the Church wanted mankind unaware?
Certainly the Third Secret of the Fatima was not revealed, the Church still holding this close.

Kolbrin speaks of the passing planet causing the pole shift as The Destroyer, where the ancient Summerians called it Nibiru, and today we call it Planet X.
Red Star Oahspe, Marduk by the Babylonians, Sichin called it the 12th Planet.

5.  Listen to this recording of significant Kolbrin bible text:

6.  Nibiru comes around in a 3600 cycle… in one of those ancient cycles, Nibiru created earth.

7. When Nibiru comes around again you may wish to HAVE ALREADY BUILT; a pithouse, a portable dwelling on wheels, a houseboat… or something appropriate for you. :) It sounds like the surface may be burning up.

8.  The Kolbrin bible passage merges with many ancient prophecies… the signs are all there… are you able to listen, or did the fluoride, the alcohol, the brainwashing, the anger of God, the attraction of satan, the closure of your heart… is it all had too much of an effect that you can no longer be reached by the one who Created you?

9.  I trust that this info is enough for you, AS A BIG WAKE UP CALL… maybe one the last ones you may even get before the end, and the new beginning.

Love, no fear… learn the Divine Plan.

Indian in the machine


One thought on “All Prophecy Eyes Here! ”Alien” Sign In The Canadian Sky, Kolbirn Bible Followers Have Been Waiting For!!!

  1. As Above So Below.

    Even though this image is a “mirrored” image. It is still quite evocative.
    I am constantly reminded that instructive symbols surround us, and that we only need to “add a little awareness” to gain access.


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