Check The List! Effects Of Nibiru Are Now ALL OVER THE NEWS!

Check The List! Effects Of Nibiru Are Now ALL OVER THE NEWS!

Indian in the machine 

Check The List Yourself!

Brought to us by the people at… lots of effect of Nibiru, are felt, and regularly reported in the news… the only thing is, that earthlings are not used to the cause of what is experienced… in this long list… the cause is Nibiru… the spiritual cause is to wake up all earthlings to love, and nothing but, love…

Recent Earthquakes
├ Landslides
├ Train derailments
├ Collapsing buildings and roadways
├ Water Main Breaks
├ Wild Weather, the Wobble Effect
├ Earth Wobble Mechanics
├ MoonWatcher at Large
├ Strange Sounds, Earthquake lights
├ Planet X related captures
├ SOHO, STEREO, Magnetosphere
├ Fireballs on the rise
├ Volcanic activity
├ Disease outbreaks
├ Gas explosions
├ Sinkhole Incidents
├ Animal Behavior, Methane Poisoning [2]
├ UFO Sightings [2]
├ Sociological Changes
├ Holes in the Clouds
└ ZetaTalk Accuracy

Creator supports Zetatalk!

Untouched Photo Of Zeta Alien In The Sky Over Okanagan BC, Canada! This Is Creator Endorsing Zetatalk Nibiru Prophecy Material

You Will Need To Learn Who To Trust!

Envision A World That Survives Nibiru! Here Is What Is Coming! Here Is What We Can Do! Who Can We Trust!

Earth is becoming inhospitable… not enough is being done by earthlings!

Two Final Reasons For Divine Intervention, Disclosure, And Mass Spiritual Awakening 2015: Earth Has Crossed Four of Nine ‘Planetary Boundaries’ Soon To Be Inhospitable, And Nibiru





Select Nibiru Links From Before It’s News

Zetas Say Power Outages In Washington, Turkey, London And Other Lowland Wet Areas, Caused By Strong Nibiru Electro-Magnetic Pulses

Madonna’s “Ghosttown”, “Zombie Apocolypse” And Nibiru/Planet X Connection

Zetatalk: November 23/14 Holland Crop Circle Depicts Nibiru-Related Severe Earth Wobble

A Gallery Of Nibiru-Inspired Shelters For Comfort And Survival

Nibiru Will Shift Poles Twice As It Leaves Our Solar System (Animated Video)

Irrefutable Timelapse Proof Of Nibiru-Related Earth Wobble? Nibiru Megalinks November 2014, Click Here!

Zetas Say Increased Meteors And “Electromagnetic Tides” Are Proof Of Planet X/Nibiru Debris Trail

Nibiru/Planet X Update November 2014======Buy Shovel ======Dig Pithouse ======Soon Okay?

Nibiru ====> First Shock And Panic, Then The Sociological Phase

I Am Not Afraid Of Ebola… Or Chemtrails… Or Nuclear War… Or Nibiru Magnetic Flux, And Neither Need Anyone

The Effects Of Nibiru’s Approach And Resultant Earth Changes In One Paragraph Via The Zetas

Two New Mini-Ice Ages… New Weather Patterns Emerging… Earth Is Bulging Causing Flooding… Nibiru Magnetic Disturbances

Nibiru Flyby… How Spiritually Prepared Are We For This Or What Else Is To Come?

Zeolite Can Assist With Nibiru Flyby Health Turbulance

Bear Witness To Planet X/Nibiru Effect: Blackouts, Static, Lightning, Electrical Problems, Satellite Failure, Charged Ionosphere

Alien Artifacts Discovered Under Crop Circles Are Annunaki Messages Of Nibiru! Updating The Nibiru Situation

Earth Is Rattling, Magnetics Are Disturbed: A Gallery Of Nibiru Related Crop Circles With Explanations By Zetas

Nibiru, Geomagnetic Storms And Our Health… Is There A Connection?

Zetas (And Crop Circles) Say Earth And Nibiru Magnetic Fields, Now “Clashing And Touching” …Is “The Event” Now Here?

Get Ready! Crop Circles Now Depicting Magnetic Disturbance Of Nibiru / Planet X


3 thoughts on “Check The List! Effects Of Nibiru Are Now ALL OVER THE NEWS!

  1. Nibiru is NOT A PLANET but is the Mother Spaceship of the Inter-Galactic Federation run by Commander Ashtar. It is housed behind the Sun. There are so many cloaked spacecraft over the earth if you were to look up and see them unclaimed you would not be able to see the sky. They are here to assist and celebrate our Ascension and the Ascension of Earth into the 5th dimension.


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