Ascension By Fire Guidance For Earthlings Before The Big BIRTHING EVENT Happening On All Levels

Ascension By Fire Guidance For Earthlings Before The Big BIRTHING EVENT Happening On All Levels

1.  Whether or not you can accept it, the surface of this earth is going through a cleansing by fire… there is an initiation of fire, that humanity is going through whether or not, humanity chooses to go through this process, in knowing or in ignorance, the choice is each of our’s. Evidence, research and prophecy support the cleansing by fire theory:

Photo Of Top Secret Black Government Noah’s Ark For Expected Earth Floods And Fireballs, Or Battlestar Galactica Clunker?

Fireball In The Sky Creates Panic In India And Others Seen Elsewhere… Nibiru Tail Licking Earth? More Signs We Are In The 12th Hour Of Nibiru Cleansing By Fire? The People Will Scatter To Dens Of The Earth?

Now We’ve Got Unusual Tidal Waves, Strange Weather, Record Earthquakes, Record Fireballs, Bending Magnetosphere, Weather And Earth Wobble, High Volcanic Activity and More… Why?

2.  The cleansing by fire to come, is rather complete!  There is no way to lessen the magnitude of what may be before us.

Fireball Rain From Nibiru Going SKYWIDE Soon?!!! Ancient Text Describes Nibiru Passby: Kolbrin Describes “The Event”: Zeta Research And Others Back Up This Theory, 

3. In order for each of us to personally rebirth ourselves into a beings of love and only love… we are in a process that goes against old energy, but is deeply rooting in new energy which is conducive to a species rebirthing ourselves on a planet that is rebirthing itself… unless you want yourself to be totally disconnected this process is for all of us…

4. RECONNECT WITH CREATOR: – Creator and you decided you would come to earth for a mission.  What is your purpose? Is Creator able to get through to you with messages?  Do you limit Creator’s ability to reach you?

5.  REGENERATION- We immediately reverse unhealthy repetitive experiences, which are a sign of blocked energy… and we essentially become more masterful towards stopping anything that generates our presence, and to focus on aspects that regenerate our balanced presence with Source.

6  REPROGRAMMING- After a lifetime of brainwashing that is ongoing, that hypnotizes us into a walking example of BLOCKED ENERGY… we learn we can reprogram our subconscious values, attitudes and beliefs, that are harmonious with all other lifeforms.

7. REMINERALIZATION- After a lifetime of a demineralized food supply and poisoned air, water soil… and mind control… we learn that our body needs minerals to rebuild itself, and that our body is designed to rebuild itself.

8.  PRESENCE- After a lifetime of living without knowing the cause of our experiences, we develop our ability to be fully present for our own experiences… we learn to not live a distracted existence.  We learn that in our distractions, we become powerless, and when we are focused in presence, we are powerful

9. CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS- After a lifetime of brainwashing towards heartlessness and superficiality, we learn that there is deep meaning, wisdom, power and love, in our presence.  We learn that all along we have been powerful beings, coming through a reptilian-based programming system… and we can tap into our inner connection to knowledge, our creator aspects, and the most powerful force ever created… L-O-V-E.

10. UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS- We learn about the Divine Plan for Ascension, and how humanity is greatly influencing the entire multiverse, who are tuning into earth, for the intrigue, for the greatest story ever created… the last chapter of 3D earth is being written… the main characters are us, in our very own Truman Show…  will you as Truman, walk out of the studio, and into reality, which is your loving non-distracted, presence, in Creator’s Light?

11.  The big birthing event is the cleansing by fire triggered by Nibiru…

Fireball Rain From Nibiru Going SKYWIDE Soon?!!! Ancient Text Describes Nibiru Passby: Kolbrin Describes “The Event”: Zeta Research And Others Back Up This Theory, 

Noah’s Ark Moment Coming? Scientific Data 2003-2015 Strongly Suggests Nibiru (Part 1) 

Calling All Modern Day Noahs! Get Busy! Jaw Dropping Scientific Earthquake Data Supports Zetas Nibiru Theory: 2015-2016 Nibiru Flyby Guesstimate 

12.  Zetas have been very helpful to humanity, to comprehend what we are experiencing…

Zetas Are Before Its News Superstars! Excellent Track Record On Nibiru, Poleshift, End Times, Earthchanges, They Recommend Houseboats, And Tiny Houses, Earthlings! 

13.  Even the tv is trying to tell you….

Weather Channel “Rogue Planet” Show, Eerily Similar To Nibiru/Planet X Scenario; Pole Shift, Orbit And Weather Changes A’Comin’???

14. Earthling make no mistake, we are IN THE 12TH HOUR…. THERE IS NO MORE TIME TO DELAY.

An Urgent Message for Mankind: “The 12th Hour Has Been Initiated”, From Cosmic Awareness Via Will Berlinghof 

15. Stare at this gif. image of mother earth wobbling… if you are not convinced we are in the 12th hour…

Irrefutable Timelapse Proof Of Nibiru-Related Earth Wobble? Nibiru Megalinks November 2014, Click Here!

16.  The Zeta are helping… are you listening?

Zetatalk: “The Closer Planet X Comes, The More Violent The Wobble.”

17.  Natives of the world speak of this through prophecy and presence, are you listening?

Inuit Elders Say Earth Shifted, Wobbled Or Tilted… Confirming ET Zetatalk Poleshift Information

18.  What does this cleansing by fire look like?

19.  God is now taking back all that is physical… hey don’t take it personal, it was all on borrow anyways, remember we are spiritual beings and this whole physicality thing, is a bit of a trip.

Okay so basically a birthing could look like humans who want to survive the cleansing of the surface by fire, may have the following options and more:

1. Die a physical death, live your life to be consumed in the fire, and not survive the big event, your soul goes on to party elsewhere.

2. Choose to rebirth on the planet by moving into a den of the earth and to go through a three days of darkness/light experience followed by the whole enchalada: earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, fireballs, tornados, no electricity, and so on, after which, you would be a survivor who will not accept anything that is not loving ever again.

3.  Leave via spaceship; probably not for those who have not raised their frequency enough.

4.  If you are willfully evil, you may be removed to a hologram planet of earth, where you can fight with your tribe.

5.  Evacuation to inner earth; you probably won’t get invited unless you are loving.

All this is playing out right now… timelines converging and overlapping…

Indian in the machine (I do sell ionic foot bath plates, to assist people with regaining ionic balance, really useful if you are in an artificial environment eating acidic foods… my knowlege-flow has helped millions, perhaps you are ready for ionic re-balancing too… there are electrical considerations through all of this process, as our bodies must be able to handle strong electrical surges, without the electrical resistance of heavy metals).

Diego Brawn


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