64 Year Old Has Strong Bones “For Any Age”, Claims Doctor! Borax And Xylitol Info.

64 Four Year Old Has Strong Bones “For Any Age”, Claims Doctor!  Borax And Xylitol Information

This story comes from mhikl from https://indianinthemachine.wordpress.com/2013/08/18/we-need-boron-helpful-to-treat-candida-strong-teeth-healthy-hormones-magnesium-and-calcium-levels-and-a-whole-lot-more

The idea of Boron is that we need it, but it is leeched from the soil where food is grown… factory foods will likely have low Boron levels.

I would like to add a comment on my experience with Borax. After reading Mr Last’s article on Borax, at least four years ago, I began taking a small amount of it daily, probably about 1/16-1/8 tsp a day.
Recently I had to visit a new dentist for a root canal and he insisted on taking a facial X-ray. Who’s to argue. He kept saying I had very strong bones, at least six or seven times during the examination. I was too concerned during the preparation to ask questions, but the next appointment I asked him if he meant strong bones for my age. He replied “For any age”.
I have always been on the chubby size, never one for heavy exercise and I have never liked milk. I’ve always had a sweet tooth though I do temper it.
I have never had good teeth and was surprised and wondered if in this late stage in my life, I am sixty-four, as the song goes, the borax is now at least strengthening my bones and possibly living teeth areas. He told me that the outer teeth could not be strengthened by anything once mature.
I occasionally take up to a teaspoon as a cleans and the first time I did this I saw white stringy things in my movement. It did not seem to bother my system in this amount.
I use it in my laundry, a solution of it in my shower to wash, with my backing soda to lightly brush my teeth and I add a little to my Xylitol and water concoction for keeping my sinus problems at bay, and the spray in my eyes, eyebrows (immediately stopped the eyebrow itch).
Xylitol is also purported to strengthen bones and teeth. I have been using Xylitol for at least seven years and have not had a cold, flue or even a sniffle in all this time.
Many people think borax is a poison, but to mammals it is not.
If borax and Xylitol does strengthen bones and teeth, wouldn’t it be a wonderful addition for all ages, children especially. Imagine children never having cavities and having super strong teeth and bones.
Namaste and care,

Thank you mhikl!!

This could be the missing link for many of us… we all could probably use a strengthening of our bones… as well as:

-More enzymes (living food or in capsule form).

-Alkaline diet

-Probiotic food

-More living food

-Blessed pure water

-Good quality unrefined salt

-Drink more water to clean the lymphatic system

-More body movement

Heal thy self healthy

Indian in the machine

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2 thoughts on “64 Year Old Has Strong Bones “For Any Age”, Claims Doctor! Borax And Xylitol Info.

  1. Borax has been banned in the UK because it can cause infertitilty in males and other problems.

    You can get boron much more safely from foods or multivitamins for men.


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