Learning To Live Offgrid Before Nibiru Passby ~ A Wolf Licked My Chicken Leg

Learning To Live Offgrid Before Nibiru Passby ~ A Wolf Licked My Chicken Leg

You may or may not know this, but our earth’s surface is becoming uninhabitable… society is gonna break down, and Nibiru is gonna swing by… sooooo, what’s an Indian in the machine to do, but to break out of city-based living, and plant himself to an off-grid site, to learn how to live and thrive, offgrid…. and I want to build a pithouse… yeah me, I’m still learning how to swing a hammer hehe…. 🙂

I’ve been living in a rickety cabin high up in the mountains of BC… just recently… and getting to know the neighbours… I’ve learned that people who live in a bit of isolation are often a quirky bunch… not strange… actually, many of us, are quite intelligent and original hehe….

Case in point… one of my neighours has a pet wolf… yes, pet wolf… it was chained up mind you, but it is still a wolf, and my skinny drumstick legs, are still a meal, if not an appetizer haha…

So my neighbour asks me if I want to meet her pet wolf, and I say, “sure”… not sure if it’s feedin time or not…

As I approached the wolf it was getting rather excited… um, it’s moving rather unpetlike I thought, straining the chain to what appeared to be a comfortable breaking point… was it because it was feedin time, or did it look forward to making a new friend that it was NOT going to eat?… I was to find out.

Hello there nice wolf… I love you… (don’t eat me)… I love you…

Okay okay, I was okay when the wolf “innocently” licked my finger… oh how cute, I thought, somewhat relieved… and getting the hang of it, or so I thought.

Well~ apparently my finger was an acceptable level of “tasty”, because that wolf decided to give my bare leg the one up, big lick giant wolf tongue kinda lick… the kind of lick for an ice cream cone, if you’ve never had one in about like, 50 years!

Sluuuuurp!  Er, was that even polite….like just help yourself wolfy eh? That was way to much like dinner… for this wolf newbee.

I couldn’t tell if I was friend material, or convenience store takeout for wolves… but I was superchill anyways…. to the last second, but this ain’t no 7-11 and my leg ain’t no slurpee!…

I let it happen, knowing I was in good hands, and that the wolf hadn’t eaten anyone that I was aware of… hmmmm come to think of it, where did that last person go, who rented my cabin? Gasp 🙂

Indian in the machine


2 thoughts on “Learning To Live Offgrid Before Nibiru Passby ~ A Wolf Licked My Chicken Leg

  1. Live in mountains of BC – check
    Learning to live off grid – check
    Have pit – check
    Build pit house – work in progress

    You one of my neighbors?? lols

    Dieter, I enjoy many of your posts and am amazed at how many people are oblivious to the changes around us. Just look at the temperature change over one day, 34*c to 11*c in one day, ouch. Travel well during this great journey and I look forward to meeting people like you as we help each other during the coming times when service to self is no longer. Keep up the good work! Please shoot me an email if you wish to chat about locations? Pernell


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