Indian’s Portable Tinyhouse/Shamanic Shack/Sauna Project

Thanks for tuning into this Nibiru-inspired tiny house project, whereby through my own hands and heart, I will create a tiny house that can be wheeled to an appropriate spot during the Nibiru passby and the photon belt entry… WHICH IS COMING UP RATHER QUICKLY FOLKS!

Nibiru And Photon Belt Causing The Sudden And Extreme Weather And Earthquakes, Directly Ahead… There Will Be Sudden Mass Migrations And Millions Of Refugees from Great Earth Upheavals… Indian’s Portable Tiny House/Shamanic Shack/Sauna Project Is Practical Solution For Ever-Changing Situations, And If You Do Not Own Land

Beings Of Light: What The Photon Belt Is And What Its Function Is. Earth, Solar System, Galaxy Travelling Through Great Ocean Of Light That Penetrates Everything… It Is A Gift From Father Of All Creation, And Will Bring About Destruction, Transformation And

World Volcanoes Under “Extreme Pressure”,Earth Tilt at 47%, Gulf Stream Stopped Creating Superstorms, Extreme Weather Changes, Nibiru Seen in South Sky, Gamma Radiation Heating Earth, San Andreas Fault Weak, Magnetosphere Almost Non-Existent, Global Abundance Ahead, 155 Days Power Matrix Goes

Envision A World That Survives Nibiru! Here Is What Is Coming! Here Is What We Can Do! Who Can We


Archangel Michael speaks of a period of sudden chaos to last for about 155 days.
Indian believes that two major factors are soon to affect the electrical grid and thus, many homes may suddenly be completely impractical.

Indian believes that great earth changes are soon upon us as well, from magnetic push and pull of Nibiru, a planetary system, that comes into our solar system, and the photon belt; a giant band of gamma radiation, that our entire galaxy is travelling into.

Indian believes many are unaware of these factors, and thus, may suddenly be off guard, as our planet enters a period of sudden and immense chaos.

Indian believes that the world will benefit from his knowledge, and his experience building his own portable tiny house/sauna… at the very least if the coastlines destablize, then many millions will suddenly find themselves needing to build a comfortable shelter.

Portable tiny shelters are extra special, in that they can be wheeled underground, or simply away to a save locale.

YOUR SUPPORT INCLUDES MUSIC AND UPDATES ON Indian’s Portable Tinyhouse/Shamanic Shack/Sauna Project.  


Your support in the amount of $50 or more, will include downloads of all of Indian’s music, and personal updates on the project send via email, to supporters, which will not be blogged to general public. Cool eh?


Your support of any amount for this project, includes a download of, Indian in the machine’s music, “Warrior Ignition”,
I’m not looking for anything fancy… but after travelling to several countries, and staying in many homes, from mansions, to tents… I feel inspired to create the ultimate portable home, which can be parked at a lake, or the top of a mountain, and I do not feel to compromise my freedom as a galactic soul, travelling earth or a brief moment in time, with you, right before time itself dissolves. 🙂 A groovy home on wheels, with a sauna that inspires many… hey, that inspired me too!

I thank you for listening, and for your soul’s presence. Enjoy the new Light, Indian

Goal: $5000
So far: $434

Supporters: 3

Get inspired: (Image used is from same link, and is an example of what is currently inspiring Indian).

If you choose to send support via paypal, then use this link and Indian will mail you a music download


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