Nibiru’s Field Effects, an Angelic Message Received July 31st 2016

image of 2 rams going up a slope

This channel done at the Star Lodge Healing Centre in Lake George, Colorado USA on July 31, 2016 at 4:09 am Mountain Time, by Cody Golden Elk.

CODY;  Recently, we have been feeling odd, strange energies – hard to sleep – feelings of impending cataclysm. My Guardian Angel AhReAh, please fill us of your wisdom. What are the things happening now upon the Earth, and what will happen soon?

AHREAH;  Alas, our love, we have known you were to ask these questions, even yet before you began this channelling session. We have heard these calls…not only from you Cody, but from many others as well. Simply, without the waste of time, as your expression on Earth goes, is that the approach of the Nibiruian system is indeed playing havoc, as you often call it, upon the multi dimensional fields of energy, as well as in your 3D-4D space/time. The biology, as the Plieadian Sister RaTesh referred to in her last message to you, Cody, of all creatures upon the Earth is being affected – some more than others – depending, of course, upon the magnetite content/composition of their particular neurological structures.

The BATS, for instance, who use sound, as well as the dolphin/whale brothers and sisters, who use underwater sonar, have very different neurological components than you human beings. They are, right now, suffering quietly, although their calls for help and restlessness are not often heard…much less understood, by you Earth humans….so caught up in the lower ego based, self absorbed normal waking consciousness, so prevalent among your human species. Also, many of the bird species, or Nations, as some of your Native Americans call them, or refer to them, who use the naturally occurring magnetic fields of Earth to navigate by,,,,are highly disoriented now.

Unbeknownst to most Earth humans, the bacteria/molds/ fungi/viruses, etc. are highly reactive to even minute changes/fluctuations of magnetic/electric fields. They are, right now, busy replicating into altered forms. These are of the Seven Vials of pestilence that the prophetic words in the Biblical Revelation refer too. Soon, since these microorganisms have such an accelerated mutation/reproduction rate…they will morph, or change, into things which your normal Earth human immune systems cannot fight off. So, we see, that soon…very shortly…in 3D-4D time, many new sicknesses will break out. Combined with this, will be all the other sicknesses from the many poisons, GMO foods, and electrical/magnetic field contaminations from numerous man made electronic devices….such as cellphones, TV/Radio signals, etc. All these things add up to create/make a TOXIC SOUP in your Earth environment which will soon cause the deaths of millions. Intervention in these particular processes are unlikely.

Added to this will, of course, be the increased spraying of different forms of the Chem Trail spraying, as the NWO elite planners continue to suffer under the delusions that they may control your small blue planet.

Your star, the Sun, will spew out…belch out CME’s, flares, magnetic/electric/gravitational burps, or hick ups, as you call them, to use your common vernacular/analogies. Man Made electrical grid failure is imminent, as is another Major Axis shift of both the Sun and the Earth, but more of the Earth. This – yes – it was us Angels of Light….joined with the Arch Angel Michael’s Legions of Light ….who foretold of this Great Axis shift to the one incarnate in your own US country, who, at that time, was named Edgar Cayce, in your past Earth Century.

Also, dear one, these events relating to magnetic/electric/gravitational forces acting in your 3D-4D space/time frame from the Nibiru System, will generate extreme “crazy” type behaviour in many people….particularly by those in more developed countries with more electrical power infrastructures. The magnetite particles in their Earth human brains and neurological structures will also be highly reactive/susceptible to these random/chaotic field changes produced – as a direct result – from the interplay and dynamics of Nibiru’s passage near/by the Earth.

Look for increased violence and otherwise unpredictable behaviour from your fellow Earth humans. Of course, as well, many of Earth’s nations populace will experience shortages. There will be riots/fights/killing/bickering, etc. over simple, yet common, things as water, gas, food stuffs and especially, medical supplies.

The New World Order banking elites are carefully planning the exact date/time of their pre-planned, yet ill conceived, economic collapse scenario….helping them better to maximise their own profits from this impending calamity…WHICH THEY WILL CAUSE THEMSELVES. Never underestimate, dear ones, the insatiable, cold, and calculating greed of these bankers along with their Shadow Government cohorts. Their propensity for greed, evil, and selfish lust has no match….and is simply unparalleled in the annals of Earth human history. Soon their plans for World War Three, economic collapse, and world wide control schemes will unfold, just as the mass of the Earth humans becomes fully aware of Nibiru’s passage. So, they already know of these things and have quietly been gearing up for Martial Law in most countries around the Earth. Know, also, dear ones, that, at this time, the Vatican in Rome…the Catholic Church….has been totally and completely corrupted by the Dark Forces and is indeed part and parcel of these NWO bankers’ evil plans.

The biggest thing now, that each of you who are hearing/reading our words, is to simply prepare Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically. Many of you will not survive these coming tumultuous times, as the great Earth changes…which have already been prophesied….are set to soon occur; volcanoes, Earth Quakes, Tsunamis and the like will soon intensify. This is all part and parcel of the cleansing of Earth herself. Those of you who remain incarnate, and survive all of this, are, of course, set to help rebuild this world….your Earth…..into a New Age of Light,…So, rejoice and enjoy, All of this….regardless of what you do.

Fear is your worst enemy. All is in accordance with Divine Will and Divine Plan. You hurt now, Cody, so we desist and will always remain close by your side waiting to assist those who care. This is the Guardian Angel AhReAh, in service to the Great Legions of Light….end 4:50 am MT.

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